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Coeur d'Alene Courthouse Closure and Reopening

On July 1, 2024, the United States Courthouse in Coeur 'd Alene, Idaho sustained water damage and flooding. On July 2, 2024, the U.S. Courts building in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, closed by General Order No.447.  This Order has now been rescinded and effective Monday, July 15, 2024 the Courthouse shall be reopened as per General Order No. 449. If you have any questions you may call the courthouse at (208) 665-6850 or the Clerk of Courts at (208) 334-1973.

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General Orders
District General Orders

General Orders regulating current court operations are listed below, by category. The current Plan and General Order are shown, with a link to the General Order which was superseded, rescinded, or otherwise of only historical interest.

You can choose to view the General Orders by "Category" or by "Document Number" (General Order number).  By selecting "Show History" this will provide access to all General Orders available in electronic form.

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Court Unit (District)

Alternative Dispute Resolution

General Orders
Mediation Program Procedures (#440) Jan 02, 2024


General Orders

Attorney Admission Fee

General Orders

Case Assignment

Speedy Trial (DC#2) Oct 03, 1975
General Orders
Pro Se Email Filing (#390) Mar 04, 2021
Assignment of Civil Cases (DC#324) Jan 16, 2018
Assignment of Cases Re: CVAH Inc. (DC#299) Aug 20, 2015

Central Violations Bureau

General Orders
CVB Forfeiture Order and Schedule (DC#405) Dec 14, 2021
Processing Violation Notices (DC#296) Jun 18, 2015

Court Reporter

General Orders

Criminal Justice Act

Criminal Justice Act Plan (DC#410) Jan 24, 2022
Addendum to CJA Plan (DC#194) Apr 22, 2005
General Orders
CJA Peer Review Committee (DC#438) Dec 29, 2023
2023-2024 Criminal Justice Act Panel (DC#426) Jan 03, 2023
General Order Re: First Step Act (DC#350) Aug 05, 2019
eVoucher Process & Procedures (DC#256) Aug 04, 2011
CJA Voucher Procedures (DC#231) Dec 30, 2008

Criminal Procedures

General Orders
Re Master Sealed Event (DC#445) Jun 06, 2024
Renewal of General Order 363 (DC#430) Mar 22, 2023
Revised Criminal Process Order (DC#423) Dec 01, 2022
Due Process Protections Act (DC#392) Mar 22, 2021
Extending Time to File Indictment (DC#382) Dec 14, 2020

Electronic Filing

General Orders
Electronic Case Filing (#394) Apr 09, 2021
Fax Filing (#395) Apr 09, 2021
Filings Pursuant to Bailk Reform Act (DC#364) Apr 02, 2020

Jury Plan

Jury Plan 2022 (DC#418) Aug 01, 2022
General Orders
Juror Attendance Fees (DC#330) Jul 10, 2018

Local Rules

General Orders
Revised Criminal Procedural Order (DC#352) Nov 25, 2019

Personnel & Resource Issues

District of Idaho's EDR Policy (#344) Feb 08, 2019
General Orders
Rescinding General Order No. 447 (#449) Jul 11, 2024
2021 Juneteenth Federal Holiday (#400) Jun 17, 2021
Reappointment of Judge Ronald E Bush (DC#311) Jun 16, 2016
Reappointment of Candy Wagahoff Dale (DC#304) Dec 16, 2015
Internet Access Policy (#219) Aug 16, 2007

Prisoner Litigation Unit

General Orders

Pro Bono

Pro Bono Program (DC#351) Sep 26, 2019
General Orders

Probation & Pretrial Services

General Orders
Retroactive Application of U.S.S.G. Amendment 782 (DC#285) Dec 10, 2014 2,900 KB
Drug Retroactivity Cases (DC#283) Sep 16, 2014
International Travel Authority (DC#90) Mar 24, 1993


General Orders

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