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Idaho Legal History Society
Oral History Project

An important component of the Idaho Legal History Society is the Oral History Project.

From territorial days until current times, Idaho's justice system has been peopled with extraordinary and colorful figures who exhibit great intellect, erudition and legendary exploits. Their stories -- and the knowledge that they have about the great moments and occasional foibles of our lawyers, judges, clerks and others -- deserve to be gathered and saved for the future.

The process of taking an oral history is not only interesting, but also educational. It offers an opportunity for lawyers to learn from other lawyers and judges who have made a career and a life in the law.

The Society has purchased high-quality video and audio equipment. The Idaho Historian has trained more than twenty interviewers in various locations in the state, and there are opportunities for further training for lawyers and judges interested in participating in this worthwhile project.

With the support of their national organization, the Idaho Court Reporters have graciously agreed to transcribe oral history interviews to gain continuing education credit. Boise State University students and graduates of the legal secretary program, and, in the future, other university legal secretary students and graduates, have also agreed to transcribe oral history interviews.

The Society board has appointed a committee dedicated to the oral history project. Their job is to organize and implement a process that will appear "seamless" to volunteer interviewers who need advice and support as they plan and carry out their interviews. The committee has also identified over 50 Idaho lawyers and judges --those "narrators" whose compelling stories must be captured soon for the enlightenment, education and enjoyment of future generations.

Persons interested in participating in the Oral History Project, as an interviewer, narrator (story teller), or transcriber, may contact any of the following committee members:

Oral History Committee Members:

Dianne Cromwell

Ernest Hoidal

Stephen W. Kenyon, Clerk of Court

Christopher J. Cuneo

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