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General Orders
Bankruptcy General Orders

General Orders regulating current court operations are listed below, by category. The current Plan and General Order are shown, with a link to the General Order which was superseded, rescinded, or otherwise of only historical interest.

You can choose to view the General Orders by "Category" or by "Document Number" (General Order number).  By selecting "Show History" this will provide access to all General Orders available in electronic form.

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Court Unit (Bankruptcy)

Attorney Admission Fee

General Orders

Case Assignment

General Orders
Pro Se Email Filing (#390) Mar 04, 2021
Consolidation of Joint Petitions (BK#15) Jan 03, 1980

Court Reporter

General Orders

Electronic Filing

General Orders
Electronic Case Filing (#394) Apr 09, 2021
Fax Filing (#395) Apr 09, 2021

Local Rules

General Orders
Cares Act Related Amendment (BK#366) Apr 23, 2020
Chapter 13 Fixed Fee (BK#322) Nov 30, 2017

Personnel & Resource Issues

District of Idaho's EDR Policy (#344) Feb 08, 2019
General Orders
2021 Juneteenth Federal Holiday (#400) Jun 17, 2021
Internet Access Policy (#219) Aug 16, 2007


General Orders

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