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Case Administrators

Case administrators are assigned cases based on the last digit of the case number. Adversary cases are administered by the digit assignment of the main case. See the chart below to find the case administrator assigned to your specific case. However, any case administrator would be happy to answer your filing questions.

Case Assignments by Digit

Case Assignments by Digit

0-1 Chantelle Knudsen (208) 478-4114
2 Lynette Parson (208) 665-6846
New Case Quality Control - Digits 0-2
Elizabeth Floden (208) 665-6844
4-5 Amie Duong* (208) 478-4129
6-7 Kelly Moore (208) 665-6845
8-9 Kendra Lemmon (208) 478-4131
New Case Quality Control - Digits 3-9 Jenny Mitchell (208) 478-4121
Coeur d'Alene Divisional Office Manager Andrea Rutter (208) 665-6848
Pocatello Divisional Office Manager Nicole Knight Lynch (208) 478-4130


* Judge Hursh cases reassigned from Judge Pappas due to retirement 

14-01828 BPH  Kay N Kowallis
18-00670 BPH  Henry Michael Grasmick and Leisa A. Grasmick
19-00880 BPH  Ryan William Hawkes and Suzann Margaret Zimel



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