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Criminal and CJA

The Administrative Office (AO) of the United States Courts provides a listing of forms for Criminal  proceedings.  You may search by:

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Below you will find a link to the National Forms Directory (Official AO Forms & Fees Directory) as well as other useful forms.

Several of the CJA forms have an instruction link.

Criminal and CJA Forms
Official AO Forms & Fees Directory
Order Setting Conditions of Release
pdf fillable form
Waiver of Rule 5
pdf fillable form
Waiver Rule 5 (Probation Violation/Supervised Rel)
Financial Affidavit
pdf fillable form
Preliminary Waiver
pdf fillable form
Waiver of Indictment (AO 455 form)
pdf fillable form
Waiver of Detention and Detention Order Rev 11/22
pdf fillable form
Waiver of Indictment Idaho Form
pdf fillable form
Miscellaneous Criminal Forms
Criminal Procedural Order
General Order 423
Annotated Plea Litany (Judge Winmill)
Ex Parte Application Issue Subpoena
Order for Interim Payments
Plea Agreement Certification
Request for Excess Compensation Form
Complete and attach this form to CJA-20 in eVoucher if total attorney fees exceeds the statutory minimum.
Service Provider Funding Request Form
Complete and attach this form to an AUTH in eVoucher before provider work exceeding a combined $1,500 is performed.
Transcript Designation & Ordering Form
USMS OBD 2 Defense Witness Form
USMS OBD-3 Fact Witness Voucher
United States Marshal Service Fact Witness Voucher, Form OBD-3.
USMS Witness Travel Request Form
Public Defenders Guide
USMS Psych Evaluation Notification
United States Marshals Service Defense Attorney Psychological Evaluation Notification
Waiver of Indictment
Waiver of Right to Remain in Federal Custody
Waiver of Right to Have District Judge Take Plea
Waiver of Detention/Detention Order (Rev 11/2022)
This proposed order should be sent to the appropriate Judge's proposed orders email box and the CRD notified.
Waiver of Personal Appearance at Arraignment
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