Disabilities - Physical or Mental
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Qualified individuals with disabilities have the same opportunity and obligation to serve as jurors as individuals without disabilities.  If you have a disability that would affect, but not prevent you from serving as a juror, please provide remarks when completing the questionnaires.

If you wish to serve, but require some sort of accommodation by the court, please indicate the accommodation required on the questionnaire.

In order to be excused for a physical or mental disability you must complete the questionnaires and provide the jury office with a medical excuse from your physician. When providing or having your physician fax an excuse, please make sure that your name and nine (9) digit juror participant number are noted.

If requesting to be excused for medical reasons, you are required to provide the court with a medical excuse from your medical care provider. If your medical excuse has not been provided to the court, you cannot be excused on this basis. If you have not obtained a medical excuse from your health care provider by the time you receive your reporting date for jury selection you may still submit a medical excuse, but you will not be excused until you report for jury selection or your excuse is approved by the Court. You will be notified if you are excused for medical reasons via email if you provided an email address when completing the questionnaires or via U.S. Mail if you did not. Until the Court has notified you that you are excused you are required to report as directed.

The court may also offer you a one-time postponement of your jury service. The court's postponement policy applies.