Bankruptcy Local Rule 5005-2 [v. 3]
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(a)  Petitions.

At the time of filing, documents may be reviewed for format and legibility; correct size of paper (8 ½ x 11) for scanning purposes and signatures.

If filed in paper by pro se litigants, documents must be affixed by a fastener (i.e., paper clip,) and NOT staples.

(b)  No filing fee or an inappropriate amount submitted; and facsimile pleadings.

The clerk has been given authority by General Order to refuse to accept or file:

(1)  Any facsimile pleadings mailed or faxed to the clerk which do not comply with General Order 201, or

(2)  Any petition or pleading not accompanied by the required filing fee under 28 U.S.C. § 1930.

(c)  General format of papers presented for filing.

(1)  Except for proposed orders submitted to the court, Official Forms under Rule 9009, and Idaho Form Chapter 13 Plan, starting 1 inch from the top of the first page, the following information must appear in the upper left-hand corner of the first page of each paper presented for filing, except that in multiparty actions or proceedings, reference may be made to the signature page for the complete list of parties represented:

(A)  Name of the attorney (or if in propria persona, of the party);

(B)  E-mail address;

(C)  Idaho State Bar Number (if applicable);

(D)  Office mailing address;

(E)  Telephone number;

(F)  Facsimile number; and

(G)  Specific identification of the party represented by name and interest in the litigation (i.e., debtor, creditor, plaintiff, defendant, etc.).

(2)  Any pleading, motion or other paper presented for filing must be submitted in 12 to 14 font, with the exception of forms, exhibits, attachments or other documents which cannot be converted to this font.


(A)  Following the counsel identification, a caption in the following form should appear:



In Re  
  [Debtor Name]
Case Number:______________
Chapter Number:


(B)  In completing the form of caption, insert in place of bracketed material the debtor(s) name and designation of character of paper.  When completing the case number, include three letter suffix indicating the assigned judge (i.e., 07-00001-JMM or 07-00001-NGH)[Designation of Character of Paper]



28 U.S.C. § 1930
Fed. R. Bankr. P. 2016, 5005, 9009
LBR 1002-1, 1006-1, 1006-2, 1007-1, 1009-1, 4001-2, 5007-1, 5010-1, 7003-1, 9004-1, 9004-2
District of Idaho General Order no. 201
Official Form 416A

Advisory Committee Notes:

The procedures on facsimile filing are governed by District of Idaho General Order 201, that is available on the court’s website, or you may call the local clerk’s office.

With respect to the format for adversary captions, refer to LBR 7003-1.