Bankruptcy Local Rule 3007-1
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(a)  Objections to proof of claims.

The party objecting to a proof of claim (objecting party) may set the matter for hearing at the time the objection to the claim is filed or may wait to set the hearing to first determine if a hearing is necessary after receiving the claimant’s response.

(b)  Responses to objections to proof of claims

A response to an objection to a claim must be filed and served not later than thirty (30) days after service of the objection.  If a response is not timely filed, the court may sustain the objection without a hearing.

(c)  Time for setting hearing or withdrawing objection.

Within twenty-one (21) days after being served with the claimant’s response, the objecting party shall either: (1) withdraw its objection to the claim, or (2) file and serve a notice of hearing for the objection which provides the proper notice as required by Fed. R. Bankr. P. 3007.  If the objecting party has not withdrawn the objection or set a hearing pursuant to the terms set forth herein, the claimant may set a hearing date.

(d)  Witness and exhibit lists

If the parties intend to offer evidence, the parties, not later than seven (7) days prior to any scheduled hearing, shall:

(1)  File a list of witnesses;

(2)  File a list of exhibits; and

(3)  Exchange copies of any exhibits.

(e)  Order on claim objection

If there is no timely response to the objection to the claim, or there has been a response but it has been resolved, the moving party shall submit an order to the court consistent with their objection, or any agreement, which sets forth how the claim shall be treated.


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