Postponement Policy
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We may offer a one-time postponement of your jury service.  If you believe jury service would result in an undue hardship you may request a postponement.  When completing the second questionnaire, you will be asked to provide a month within the next calendar year that you would like your service postponed to.

IMPORTANT:  When selecting a month, please be prepared to keep that month available for jury service because a second postponement will most likely be denied.

Written approval will not be provided, please wait ten (10) days for processing. Call the Automated Jury Information System (AJIS) at 1-800-699-9840 or check your current status on our website for confirmation that your jury service has been postponed. You will be asked to provide your nine (9) digit juror participant number which is located on your summons.

If your postponement is granted, our office will mail you a new summons packet for your new month of service.  We will be unable to use the questionnaires that you previously filled out.